Problems with the login?

Confirm email address

Before you can log in to the app, you have to confirm your email address.

Required steps:

  1. Open your email program and open the email from the sender „SchoolFox-Team“.
  2. Click the „Confirm email address“ button.
  3. The browser opens.
  4. Now you can log in to the app.

I need a new confirmation link/the link has expired (confirm email address)

Step 1:

If you didn’t receive a link to confirm your email address, or the link has expired, click on „Can’t log in?“ log in page.

Step 2:

Afterwards you can request a new email to confirm your email address under „I forgot to confirm my email address“ by entering your email address.

Link has expired (reset password)

You will receive this message if you do not change your password within 24 hours.

Required steps:

  1. Open the SchoolFox app.
  2. Click on „Can’t log in?“ and then „Forgot password?“ in the login mask to repeat the process.


If this error message occurs again, please check these two points:

  1. It is necessary having the latest app version. Check the app store of your smartphone for possible updates. If any open updates for SchoolFox are available, download them manually.
  2. Maybe there’s no connection between your browser and the server. Try clearing your browser’s cache. This is possible in the browsing history.

Forgot password

This allows you to create a new password on your own.
  1. Open the app.
  2. Click on „Can’t log in?“ in the login screen.
  3. Choose „Forgot password„.
  4. Enter your email address and you’ll receive a link by email.
  5. Open the email and click on the button „Reset password„.
  6. Now the browser opens. Select a new password, enter it a second time to confirm and click „Change my password„.
  7. You can now log in to the app with your new password.

Forgot email address

Update the SchoolFox App

Make sure you always use the latest version of the Android an iOS app.

Required steps:

1. Open the App Store of your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Search for „SchoolFox„.

3. Click „Update„. The latest version of the SchoolFox app is now being downloaded.

If you do not see the „Update“ button, your app is up to date.

"Email address is already in use"

Do you already have a SchoolFox account with the entered email address? Do you want to connect with a new invitation code?
By entering the first invitation code, you have already registered and can add any number of children or classes to this account.
To do this, click on „New“ on the top right corner of the app or „+ Add invitation code“ in your web browser. You will be asked to enter the new invitation code. Afterwards the name of oyur child/class is added to the list.

How can I add another child / another class?

After registering by entering the first parent code, you can add as many children/classes as you want within your account.

Click on „New“ on the side screen of the app. You will be asked for the new parent code. After entering, your child’s name/your class will be added to the list.

First steps for educators/trainers

How can I register?

  1. Open in your web browser and click „Not yet registered?“
  2. Then select „I want to create a class“.
  3. The assistant guides you step by step through the registration process.

How do I create a class?

Open your browser and sign in to your SchoolFox account at

  1. Click on „+ Create class„.
  2. Choose your role in the class and with whom you want to communicate in class (parents, students, participants).
  3. Select your school or create a new school.
  4. Fill in the information for your class.
  5. Enter the names of your students/participants (also via copy/paste possible).
  6. Generate the individual invitation codes and hand out to the participants.

How can I create the invitation codes?

  1. Log in to your SchoolFox account at  in your web browser.
  2. Open the class and click on „class“.
  3. By ticking the box, select the students for whom you would like to reprint the invitation codes.
  4. Then click on „Invite parents/students“ in the top right corner.
  5. The invitation codes will be downloaded on your computer.

How do I invite co-teachers to my class?

Log into your SchoolFox account in your web browser:

Select your class and click on the menu item „Settings“. In the section „Teachers/Educators/Trainers“ you can add a colleague. For this you need his/her email address. He/she then receives an invitation via email with a confirmation link. After confirmation, the new colleague will be added to your class.

Important: The invitation link is valid for 30 days. If the link has already expired on confirmation, simply reenter the email address to resend the invitation email.

My invitation link as teacher/educator/trainer has expired

The invitation link in the email is valid for 30 days.

Try to set a password for your account at

If your email address does not belong to an active SchoolFox account, please check the spelling or contact our support at

How can I archive the class and start the new school year?

To start an empty mailbox at the beginning of the new school year, archive the class and rise for the new school year. All previous messages will be archived and available for 3 years in the web browser below the listed connected classes.

To archive your class at the end of the school year, log into your account in the web browser at

Get into your class and got to the „Settings“ tab.

Start archiving at the bottom of the page by clicking on the „Start guided tour“ button. Whether the class rises or will be dissolved, our assistant guides you through the necessary steps.

How can I use SchoolFox as teacher and parent in the same account?

The Multi role now allows to use one and the same account as a teacher as well as a parent. This will keep you up to date in both roles the same time.

  1. Log into your SchoolFox account.
  2. Got to your user profile.
  3. Select the multi role by checking the box.
  4. Add your child/class to your account with choosing „+ Add invitation code“ or „+ Create class“ in the web browser, or by clicking „New“ in the app.

The classes and children will appear afterwards in one list.

First steps for parents/students/participants

How can I register as a parent/student/participant?

  1. Download the SchoolFox app for iOS or Android or open in your web browser.
  2. Click on „I AM NEW HERE“ in the App or „Not yet registered?“ on the login page.
  3. In the menu item „I have an invitation code“ you enter the six-digit invitation code, which you received from the school/organisation. (Note that the invitation code consists of numbers and lowercase letters only)
  4. Select your email address and password for future login in the app.
  5. Open your email program and the email from the sender „SchoolFox-Team“ and click the „Confirm email address“ button.
  6. Now you can log into your account with your email address and your own password.

How can I add another child / another class?

After registering by entering the first parent code, you can add as many children/classes as you want within your account.

Click on „New“ on the side screen of the app. You will be asked for the new parent code. After entering, your child’s name/your class will be added to the list.

My invitation code is not working

Are you already registered with that invitation code?

You only need the invitation code once to connect to the class when registering. Once you’ve created your SchoolFox account, all you’ll need in the future is your email address and password.


Are you new at SchoolFox?

Check the entry of the invitation code. Note that the code consists of numbers and lowercase letters only.


What is SchoolFox?

SchoolFox is a smartphone and computer-based communications app that connects parents and educators. Through SchoolFox, they can send texts, pictures and exchange emergency contacts.

We make communication in school life easier through innovative functions such as: group messages, digital confirmations, confirmation lists, translation capabilities, emergency contacts, appointment management, automatic reminders and much more.

Who benefits from SchoolFox?

SchoolFox is THE tool for ALL teachers, regardless of whether you work in school or any other leisure area (e.g. piano classes, soccer club, gymnastics club, …). Everyone can join in less than a minute and create their own virtual class.

Can I use SchoolFox without smartphone too?

Absolutely! You can access SchoolFox from any computer. All functions are available to you through our web app (

Select recipients

Parents/students/participants: Who can read my messages?

Only the teachers/educators/trainers  you have chosen as recipient can read your messages and if so the second person connected to your child.

Teacher/educators/trainers: Who can read my messages?

Your messages can be read by the parents/students/participants you have chosen as recipients and your co-teachers.

How can I choose recipients?

To do this, open an empty message and write your message first. Then click „Next„.

The list of recipients in the class appears. Now you can choose all or specific recipients for the message. If you want ot send the message to all, you can click on „Select all„.


Can I delete messages?

No, because the messages work as proof for both teachers/educators/trainers and parents/students/participants. This keeps the messages like the parent letter.

Instead, the administrator of the class can archive the class at the end of th school year and thus also the messages, so you can start with an empty inbox in the new school year.

Can I delete an appointment?

Because appointments are related to messages, they can not be deleted.

The messages work as proof for both teachers/educators/trainers and parents/students/participants. This keeps the messages like the parent letter.

Find more information here: Can I delete a message?

Teacher/educator/trainer: How do I delete a class?

Classes can only be deleted in the web browser.

Because only empty classes can be deleted, you must first remove all students/participants from the class.

  1. For this, click on the „Class“ tab.
  2. Select all students/participants in the class and click on the „Delete“ button in the top right corner.
  3. Then go to the „Settings“ tab.
  4. With the click on „Delete class“ you can complete the deletion.



Additional Information: At the end of the school year, you do not have to delete the classes. You can also use our assistant. This will archive the class so that you and the parents/students/participants in the class can see the messages in the web browser even after this school year.

How can I delete my account?

In this case, please send a message to We will then delete your account for you.


Questions and help for FoxAdmin

Parent-teacher-meeting: How do I create a Parent-teacher-meeting as a FoxAdmin?

In FoxAdmin, you can easily and quickly create an invitation for a Parent-teacher-meeting. The Parent-teacher-meeting feature is only available with FoxAdmin.

  1. Go to the tab „Parent-teacher-meeting„.
  2. Click on „Add“ and select the class and the time of the interview day.
  3. Click on „Invite colleagues“ to notify all the colleagues from the selected class of the parent-teacher-meeting.

Afterwards, the teachers of the invited classes will see the event „Parent-teacher-meeting“ on the start page. They can now organize their individual timeslots for the meetings.

PLUS features for teachers/educators/trainers

Parent-teacher-meeting: How do I organize a Parent-teacher-meeting as a teacher?

In order to invite parents to the Parent-teacher-interview, the FoxAdmin of your organization/school has to open an appointment for the parent-teacher-interview. In the meantime he invites all teachers of a class to plan their own available appointments to send them to the parents for selection.

You can find the first steps for the FoxAdmin here: How do I create a Parent-teacher-meeting?

Afterwards, the event „Parent-teacher-interview“ appears on the homepage for you and all other teachers in the class.

1. Click „Plan your meetings“ and choose a class.

2. Choose a timeslot or create a personal timeslot using „Other„.


3. By clicking on the individual timeslots, choose the availabilities. Green timeslots are available meetings for parents, white ones are not available for selection.

4. As soon as you click on „Save and inform parents„, the parents will be informed about the Parent-teacher-interview.

5. Under „MY APPOINTMENTS“ , you can see which appointments have already been selected by parents, or which are still available.

Save template - Teacher/educator/trainer: How can I save a template?

You can recall a template at any time when you create a message and save time.

To save a created message as a template for later messages, just one click is required:

1. Once you have created the message, tick the template symbol and click „Create new template„.

2. Next time, you can recall the saved message as a template via the same symbol. All saved templates can be found there.

Survey - Teacher/educator/trainer: How can I create a survey?

Creating a survey works as easy as creating a message. You can add any number of options that can be selected by parents/students/participants. The teacher/educator/trainer can see the answers collected.

Surveys can only be created in the web browser and not in the app.

1. Click on the „New survey“ button in the message window.



2. Then write your message to the parents/students/participants and enter the options.

3. Depending on the survey, you can also set whether you want to allow multiple answers or just one answer.


4. To view the survey result, click on the tab „SURVEY RESULTS“ in the message. Right next to the answer options, you can see the number of parents/students/participants who voted for it. If you click on the respective answer options, you can see which parents/students/participants have voted for which answer.

Event - Teacher/educator/trainer: How can I create a new event?

By creating an event parents/students/participants and teachers/educators/trainers get a better overview of all appointments. The teacher/educator/trainer can set how many participants are admitted to an event, whether the parents should be there and by when a feedback should take place. The participants are clearly presented in a list.

Events can only be created in the web browser and not in the app.


1. Click on the „New event“ button in the message window.

2. Afterwards you enter the title of the event, the period and more detailed information about the event.

3. Depending on the event, you can set whether students, parents or both are invited to the event. Here you can also enter how many participants are admitted to the event and until when an acceptance or rejection should take place.

4. To view the attendance result, click on the „EVENT ATTENDANCE“ tab in the message. Here you can see how many students and parents participate. Just below, you can also see the list of participants per child.



Absence - Teacher/educator/trainer: How can I view the absences?

The teacher/educator/trainer receives a message for each absence. In addition, today’s absences can be viewed.

1. Click on the tab „Class„.

2. Then click on the button „Show absences“ to see the absences of today.

Emergency message - teacher/educator/trainer: How can I send an emergency message?

Emergency message - teacher/educator/trainer: Do the recipients of an emergency message see my phone number?

PLUS features for parents/students/participants

Survey - Participants: How can I answer a survey?

You can answer a survey in a few steps:

  1. After confirming the message, you will be directed to the survey.
  2. Now you can choose from the given survey options by ticking.
  3. If a multiple selection is possible, it is marked with „Multiple answers allowed„. If the survey looks like as shown below, only one selection is possible.
  4. After selecting, click on „Send answer“ to send your answer to the teacher/educator/trainer.
  5. The teacher/educator/trainer can now see your answers in the app.

Absences - parents/students/participants: How can I send an absence?

Parents/students/participants can send an absences. These will be sent to the teacher/educator/trainer as a message with a start date and an expected end date. The end date can still be changed later.

1. To send an absence, click on the „Absence“ button in the message window.

2. Now enter the start date and the end date.

3. Then click on „Choose recipients“ as in a normal message, select the recipients and send the message to the teacher/educator/trainer.

Emergency message - Parents/students/participants: Can I answer directly on an emergency message?

Emergency message - Parents/students/participants: How do I recognize an emergency message?

Basic features

How can I check confirmations?

How do I confirm a message?

How can I remind the recipients of an appointment/message?

How can I mark a message as DONE?

How can I translate a message?

Account settings - User profile

How can I change the language of the translation?

How can I also receive the notification by email?

How can I change the language of the app?

How can I change my email address?

Technical questions

I do not get push notifications on my smartphone

How do I get SchoolFox on my new phone?

Multi-Role: How can I use SchoolFox as a parent and teacher in one account?

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